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Various possible bets

The player bets on the player

The player bets on the bank:: the most popular stake

Statistically speaking, the banker wins more frequently than the player; therefore the casino charges the player a commission. In other words, a winning Banker bet is charged a 5% commission, retrieved after each bet

One speaks of a standoff when both hands are of the same value = tie bets win. Whenever a tie is reached, the banker's and the player's bets neither win nor lose. If the game comes to a tie, the stakes made either on the banker or on the player are handed back. When one bets on the banker or on the player and bets are won, winnings are the same but for the fact that the bank charges the player a 5% commission. As for betting on a tie, if winning, it pays 8 times the initial stake.

Concretely, how does it work?

There are three various types of Baccara

  • Mini Baccara: tables of up to seven players. The rules are the same as so that of Baccara, but the game can be played faster. Players cannot touch cards dealt by the casino's croupier. Lowest stakes and a more casual environment make this game variant a very attractive one for players.

  • Baccara: nine-player tables. Cards are dealt by the croupier.

  • Grand Baccara: tables of twelve to fourteen players. Cards can be dealt by the players.

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The stakes

A player can gamble in various ways; either on the player's hand, or on the bank's. If the stake is made on the bank, the latter will take a 5% commission on this stake amount. If the player bets on a tie and wins, his stake is paid eight times its amount.
Stakes must be placed before the first card is drawn from the shoe.

From one table to another, betting minimums and maximums can vary. Therefore players must bet accordingly, abiding to these limits.

The following rules are those specifically applying to players and bank, when that third-card rule is available.

The third card

If the player draws a third card, it becomes more complicated for the bank and, most of all, it becomes much more interesting.
In this particular instance, if the bank's score is 7, the bank stands. If his score is below 6, the bank draws a new card or stands depending on the value of the player's third card.

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