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Principles of Blackjack

When one plays Blackjack, one doesn't play against the other players, but against the dealer, in other word, the bank (the casino). This is the uniqueness of Blackjack.

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The practice of the game

One player draws cards. They must reach an amount of points as close as 21, or even 21, without going over this number. For example, if the player draws several cards and the two first cards reach a total of 21, he will get what is commonly called a 'Blackjack' or 'natural'. If, on his side, the dealer - in other words the bank of the casino - has drawn a total inferior or equal to 21 (let's say that his total is closer to this number than the total of the player) without, obviously, exceeding it, the dealer wins.

It's important to know that the dealer has to follow certain rules. The dealer has his own rules and they are as important as the ones applicable to the players. When one plays Blackjack online, knowing the rules is much simpler than when playing in a casino. To physically play in a casino means that one is drawn into the ambiance, the tension, surrounded by other players and dealers and, for the novice, it means placing real bets while learning how to play.

A novice would obviously prefer not to bet until he is 'up to speed'. To play online enables one to experiment before one bets for real, using the free version of the online software. For the rules of online Blackjack, the rules are identical to these in real casinos. Nevertheless, they can vary sensibly from one to another institution.

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