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Keno rules, wagers and bets

There are five different types of wagers in the game of Keno.

Straight ticket

You choose one or more numbers on a Keno card and you win, if one or more of the numbers chosen is drawn.

Catch zero

For this wager, you need to mark a minimum of eight numbers. You win, if none of these numbers are drawn. The payouts increase, the more numbers you choose.

Catch all

You must mark a minimum of two numbers and a maximum of seven. You win if all the numbers you have marked are drawn.

High roller

You choose more than one number and your winnings will depend on the numbers drawn. This wager resembles the straight ticket but the odds are higher and the winnings are therefore greater.


Before marking your numbers, you bet whether more numbers will be drawn in the bottom part or in the top part. Your winnings will be relative to the wager.


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