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Keno game screen

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Aim of the game

Bet on numbers on a card and wait for the draw to make a win, if the numbers you chose are selected.

The rules of Keno

The Keno interface is relatively easy to understand. It comes in the form of a card imprinted with 80 numbers (70 in the Française des Jeux version) and 20 balls. The player can bet on one or several numbers, from one to ten or from one to fifteen, depending on the lottery. Sometimes a player can bet on twenty numbers or more. Twenty numbers are then drawn from the eighty, and these are shown as balls or marbles above the card. The aim of the game is to select the greatest amount of numbers that match those that are drawn. The payouts vary according to the wagers, the amount of numbers selected and the number of numbers drawn.

Keno is first and foremost a game of chance. There are experts on winnings, statistics and probability who have computed the number of times numbers are drawn and their chances of re-appearing in the next draw, but chance usually defies the most sophisticated statistic. it is therefore up to you to decide whether to use these computations or create your own probability outcome.

Winnings are progressive: the more numbers you bet on, the more winnings you can make, if you hit all the good numbers. (In contrast, your winnings will decrease if you bet on a larger amount of numbers than the number of good numbers).

For example, if you are allowed to bet on a maximum of 15 numbers and you bet on 10, the ten good numbers will bring a return of 2000 Euros. If you bet on 15 numbers, that is the maximum, and you have ten good numbers, this will bring in a return of only 160 Euros.

Here is a simple explanation: if you bet, for example, on ten numbers out of fifteen, it is clear that you will have a better chance of obtaining five good numbers in the list of twenty which will be drawn. If you bet only on five numbers, your chances of getting five good numbers in the list of twenty numbers drawn by random, will be much lower. They will therefore give you greater winnings.


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