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Tips and pointers

Here is a brief conclusion and a few pointers on bets: the most interesting is to bet on the basic bets such as Pass line, Don't pass, Come and Don't come. These stakes have the most favourable odds for the players. Once the point is established, bet on the different Odds or Lay, so as to diminish the house edge and to win. It is true that casinos don't promote Craps too much, and it is understandable.

If you play online, the following recommendations will be irrelevant, but if you play in a casino, remember that Craps is a game of patience. Patience is the key to effectiveness. You must have a correct and calm attitude if you do not want to strain the atmosphere too much. Avoid as much as possible to shake the dice for too long. There's people around you waiting to play. Dice should be rolled without brutality, and the stake is made before the croupier offers the dice to the player. Avoid moaning, it is annoying for those around you. People go to casinos to relax and have a good time!

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