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Video Poker’s history most probably begins in the late 19th century with the appearance of the first slot machines in the United States. These first poker machines were directly inspired by the ‘one- armed bandits’ highly popular in the Unites States. At the time, they could be found in bars and cigarette stores only. Like the one- armed bandits, the video poker machines at that time had a lever which the players could pull after inserting a nickel and which would then spin the drums and the cards they held. When the cards stopped spinning, the player with the winning hand World then win either drinks or cigarettes.

Video Poker machines became extremely popular. Poker as a slot machine game owes its popularity to two factors. First, poker has always been very popular in the United States, being an important part of American History and cecondly, playing poker on a machine is much less intimidating than competing against other players who try to make you nervous or bluff. With a machine, one can take one’s time and bluffing is virtually impossible!

In the 70’s the first computers were introduced. The slot machines and poker machines, having had lost some of their spark, are now completely revolutionized thanks to computer science. Out with drums, cards and levers- in with flashy screens and visual and vocal effects. People are excited as video poker machines are introduced into the casinos.

During the 80’s video poker is becoming more and more popular in casinos, especially in Las Vegas. Payoffs get bigger and bigger and machines- more and more evolved.

With the emergence of the internet and as soon as legislation makes it possible, online casinos appear on the net. Video Poker naturally also finds its place among the most alluring of games. Today, online casinos offer an extensive range of Video Poker variants, ever more innovative and attractive.


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