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How to play slot machines ?

The slot machine is a device relatively easy to use. It has a coin slot where one can introduce a coin or a token. Then one presses a button or action the lever in order to instruct the device, once the reels are spinning, to stop.

Generally speaking the pay-off, or the loss, is decided before the launching of the game and the function of pulling the lever or pressing the button is to give the player the illusion that he has some influence over the game. Whatever the slot machine, the player has the same probability to win. Nevertheless, there are different types of slot machines and the game is more elaborate than one may think. Also, there is a real advantage in knowing on which machine the player will play.

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There are three types of slot machines: basic, progressives, and electronic. On the sites of online casinos, you can find the two first types. It is also interesting to know on which machines to play, since some machines are at multiple pay line and they have a large range of possible combinations.

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