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The different types of slot machines

Basic slot machines, also called machine straight slot

The jackpot remains the same and doesn't change according the sum of money bet by the players. Basic slots consequently offer smaller but more frequent pay-offs, which is especially suitable for players with a limited budget.

Progressive slot machines

This machine has a jackpot amount which is linked to the amount bet by the players. This is the same principle as in a lottery; the greater the number of players, the bigger the jackpot, until one day a player wins the jackpot. The amount of the jackpot is shown on the top of the progressive slot machines and it increases whenever players bet on these machines. Once the jackpot is won, it comes back to a very low level and goes up according to the bets, and so on. Therefore, it is interesting to bet the maximum number of coins in order to win the jackpot.

Furthermore, there is a difference between the classical slot machine and the basic slot machine. The first one only has one line of game, with a succession of three images at the centre of three reels. The second one can have several lines of game and several reels. If one adds other lines to a classical machine, one has to take into account not only the central line, but also the lines that are underneath and above it. Which means that if the central line is not a winner but the line above has number 7 three times, one can still win.

Slot machines with what is called multiple pay line increase the chances of of a player wining each time he introduces a token. Of course, to bet the maximum amount also increases the possibilities of playing and wining with all the possible lines, until a player wins the jackpot. This jackpot, as describe above, increases as one goes along with the bets of all the other players, under our eyes, since its amount is displayed at the top of the progressive slot machines. This level - once it is won - comes back to its lowest and starts again its ascent as the players play and bet. It is interesting to watch this rise since the faster the jackpot increases, the more one should bet.

The manufacturers of slot machines

Pace, O.D. Jennings, Mills, Rockola, Watling, Caille are the main American manufacturers of slot machines.

slot machine

Mills Bell

Mills Bell - 1916

mechanical slot machine

mechanical slot machine
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